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How to make a perfect essay

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Essays in TOP universities, the secrets of writing perfect essays

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Enter the best universities in the world – it’s a long way, during which you must earn good grades, to get the maximum knowledge of English, to develop their talents and, of course, to write a brilliant essay that will attract the attention of the admissions Committee. How to write an essay that will pass the TOP universities in the world, is there a template or a pattern? Unfortunately, this question no specific response. However, there are some tips following which you can write a really brilliant and effective essay.

Why essay need to pay special attention

According to representatives of the admission offices of the universities “Ivy League”, an essay can fully describe the applicant. Essay, in their opinion, is the most vivid document of the entire package of offered securities. Through your essay the admissions Committee will try to see you real, to determine what you are and what’s important to you in life.

As you know the TOP universities are applying with excellent grades. From thousands of applicants of high academic and linguistic ball. But of these thousands of people the Commission is trying to allocate only dozens, which is clearly something different and stand out from the crowd. This is the goal you need to pursue when writing essays in the first place.

In addition, the essay shows the admissions Committee as you can to present yourself, how you assess, evaluate and present information. All of this information can tell you much more than you think. After reading the essays at the reception Committee formed a personal opinion about you, which greatly affects the chances of admission.

Each University may require you to answer certain questions in your essay. Despite this there are a number of the most common questions that are most often found in the requirements of TOP universities, namely:

  • Do you have a hobby, and what do you do in your spare time?
  • Do you have talent?
  • How did you spend your holidays?
  • How has your life changed over the last 3-5 years?
  • What are your achievements make you proud?
  • How are you different from others?
  • Your most important trait?
  • What is your life philosophy?
  • Your plans for the future?
  • Is there any additional information you want to tell about yourself?

How to make an essay unique

According to the statements of experts, many students do not pass the qualifying rounds in the TOP universities of the world because of the uniformity and originality of his works. This does not mean that they rewrote the essay on the Internet and sent it to the University. This means that the composition disclosed is not a unique theme. For example, most write about their travel experiences with their parents, the passion for the sport or to read the book from world classics. It has long been described and not interesting for the selection Committee.

Unless you have unique achievement in sports, but to surprise the representatives of the University, you have to be an Olympic champion. So, find a different approach in the description of your talent. Show passion, emotions, paint your paper with bright colors so that the reader could clearly imagine your feelings and your fire.

Choose interesting and unexpected occasions for answers to questions. For example, the question of who or what influenced you in your life, many cite the example of parents and teachers. Step away from the stereotypes. Remember, maybe in your life were really interesting point that you just forgot. Remember the childhood, can the neighbor man drove you from the tree, calling a thief, and ignorant, and then you decided to get a good education and your life has changed?

How to draw attention to themselves

The best way to draw attention to yourself. When writing an essay the last thing you should think about is what you think about the members of the Commission. Choose topics that are close to you that cause you emotions. Listen to yourself, your essay should be imbued with sincerity and meaning. Many applicants make the fatal mistake of describing the mediocre and superficial information. You have to write so that people reading your essay could reflect on your actions, motivations and desires.

Another important point for attracting the Commission’s attention to your essay is the introduction. You should start your essay so that it wanted to read on to the members of the Commission do not have the desire to postpone the worksheet and go to lunch. The entry must cling. For example, as a presentation, write what you’re afraid of and trying to overcome your fear.

Forget about the standard styles of presentation. No need to write like you write an outline. Use the original style of communication. But avoid a specialized vocabulary and a large number of jokes. Remember that your humor may be obscure.

Be sure to show an example of his personal growth. Take individual situation, write how hard it was for you and how you were able to find a way out. Be sure to describe the experienceyou made of it, and how has changed your life after that. This information will help the Commission to see how you were changing as grew on yourself and evaluate your learning opportunities at the University. Remember, nobody wants students not wanting to grow up and get over ourselves. Important in the writing and the ending. The best way to conclude an essay to implement the idea on the meditation of the reader. This will attract attention to you and make Commission members to remember you.


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